Teko – a worthy winner

“The accolades that Teko Modise is getting have been a long time coming. He’s worked very, very hard to be where he is right now,” says Sam Pam, who played for Stars, Pirates, Ajax Cape Town and City Pillars before retiring.   “The Bible says life is full of seasons and Teko was in a season of hard work and now he is in a season where he is reaping all that he put in.   “During our Ria Stars days I could see that he had the potential to be world-class and I still believe he has the ability to be in the class of Messi and Ronaldo. But he needs to be challenged because he has so much more to offer the game.   “He was very good this season, but I think he was a little bit below what he did last season. Remember, he’s way above par in comparison to many players his age … some who have fallen right out of the game,” says the big Nigerian, who was asked by Manyora’s boss Chicco Twala to keep an eye on Teko when he signed for Ria Stars.   To read an interview with Modise on his award and about his 2008/09 season, get the latest edition of KICK OFF magazine now.   Also in issue number 354, KICK OFF asks ten of Modise’s Pirates and Bafana teammates to tell readers what makes Teko special.