Surveys show 2010 optimism waning


This emerges from a report by Edward Griffiths former CEO of SA Rugby and general manager of SATV sport published in the Natal Witness today.

According to Griffiths, who has been involved in various SA bid campaigns, the latest quarterly report published by African Response show levels of confidence that SA will seize this historic opportunity and shine have dipped to a decidedly downbeat 59 percent in Cape Town, an increasingly doubtful 70 percent in Johannesburg and a warily cautious 74 percent in Pretoria.

Happily, the sun still shines in Durban, where 82 percent of the population believes everything will be all right.

In the same vein, internal research commissioned by one of the tournament’s commercial partners has detected a blip on the road to the mega-month when this country will welcome the world’s top footballers, pursued by 6 000 media, an expected 450 000 visiting supporters and a cumulative TV audience of 40 billion.

Identifying trends in human sentiment is always an art and never a perfect science, yet these results should not be dismissed with the shrug of an officially-blazered shoulder even though there are no grounds for feeling even marginally less optimistic about 2010 World Cup.