Telinho off to Portugal


Telinho spent the past season on-loan at Ajax from the Muculmana but will now be heading off to Nacional – who will be playing in the Uefa Europa League.

According to Rafik Sidat, the president of the Mozambican, Ajax wanted to reduce the figures that they had initially agreed on leading to the permanent transfer of the 25 year-old falling off.

“Telinho will now be heading off to play for Nacional in Portugal,” Sidat tells

“His (Telinho) permanent transfer fell off because Ajax wanted to bring down the figure that we had initially agreed when Telinho went on loan to them and I couldn’t accept that.

“I mean we had already agreed on that if they want on a permanent transfer then they must pay this much but the next thing they come up to us saying they can only afford to less so the deal went off. I refused Ajax’s proposal because I know Telinho’s true value.

“Since his departure from Ajax he has been back with but will head off to Portugal next week which is a good move for him since he is going to be playing in the Europa League,” says Sidat.

Telinho started 14 games (plus four substitute appearances) in all competitions and scored once during his season long stay in the Mother City.