Relief for Sosibo


The 22-year-old was substituted injured during Amaglug-glug’s 3-1 Olympic qualifier loss after he was kicked by Ghanaian defenders.

“The injury really appeared serious when I looked at it. The shin was bruised and swollen. To make matters worse, there was no ice available to treat it.

“Then my leg began to feel numb and I became really worried. I tried to ease the pain by going into the swimming pool shortly before we flew out, but it didn’t help and I had to endure hours of discomfort.

“On my arrival back in South Africa, I went for a medical examination. The doctor took X-rays and told me that it was not as serious as it appeared.”

The Durban-born winger says playing in Africa has taught him a valuable lesson.

“Before such trips, we really need to be mentally strong and physically prepared. The food is bad, the weather terrible and the time difference disturbs your rhythm. I hope others learn from what I experienced,” he says.