Sono happy with performance


According to assistant coach, Helder ‘Mano Mano’ Muinga, Bra J’s confidence is also shared by the technical staff.

“We have been playing well and the players have adjusted well to the rigours of First Division football. We have also conceded only one goal in the three matches played which shows we have a solid defence. All we need to do now is start scoring goals,” he says on the club’s official website.

Cosmos next league match is against FC AK on Saturday, October 18 at Eldorado Park and Muinga says the long break between games is cause for concern.

“Actually, there are two ways to look at this situation. First we have two players, Larry Cohen and Siza Dhlamini, out due to injuries. For them the two week break will do them good. It gives them enough time to recover from their ankle injuries. The physio can also breathe easy in attending to them without pressure,” Muinga says.

“But then the flip side of that coin is that the situation has the potential of breaking the rhythm we were already in. We won’t have any competitive game for two weeks but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.”

Muinga believes the only way out of this dilemma is to play as many friendlies as possible to keep the players in shape and match fit.