Rooney: Ronaldo needs a legacy


"I’m not a player who needs [a legacy]," he told The Guardian. "Cristiano Ronaldo ... he has to have that. You admire him for that. You can see how he is. He wants his moments.

"I'm more about winning as a team. It's more important to me. I've won the PFA Player of the Year and it’s nowhere near as good as winning a trophy with Manchester United."

Meanwhile, Rooney aims to relax more at this World Cup after previously failing to impress at Fifa's flagship event.

"I've spoken to [Three Lions psychologist Dr Peters] a few times. I found him great and easy to talk to and he will be a big help," Rooney said.

"I've been putting myself under too much pressure [in previous tournaments]. Maybe the media have put me under a lot of pressure and I've tried to respond to that - this time I haven’t and I’m not going to.

"I've learned that I have to enjoy this one because, if I’m honest, I haven't enjoyed the last ones. They've not gone well and, all of a sudden, you're looking back, they've gone and you didn't enjoy it. Regardless of what happens, I'm going to make sure I take positive memories from [this one] because there's no point in doing it if you're not enjoying it.

"I want to do well. I know that if I play well, the team will play well and I feel great, better than I have for years. I'm ready for this tournament. I've had time to prepare with the team. I've gone into previous tournaments with little niggles or different things but I've not missed a session this time."