Totti: Juve win by hook or crook


The 38-year-old netted from the spot in a fiery affair at the Juventus stadium, which saw two red cards and three penalties awarded as the hosts edged their Roman rivals at the death thanks to a well-taken Leonardo Bonucci strike in the 86th minute.

Totti was visibly incensed after the match, and feels the current Italian champions are always favoured by the officials in their matches.

“It’s a huge shame after a good performance,” Totti told Sky Sport Italia.

“We came to Turin to play our game, but you saw what happened and that affected the match.

“For years the same old incidents keep happening. I don’t know if we were beaten by referees, but we certainly were not beaten by Juventus tonight.

“Yes, we are angry, but also aware we are a great team and must lift our heads straight away.

“This was a match we really cared about, but Juventus ought to have their own League, as by hook or by crook they always win.

“Are we back to the same doubts? I am not the only one saying this, as these are things everyone in Italy should discuss.

“With Juventus when there is any doubt whatsoever, it’s always a penalty. I have to stop now, as if I keep talking then I’ll get suspended.”

The victory sees the Old lady extend their unbeaten start to the season with a tally of 18 points after six matches, with Roma in second, three points behind.