PSL divides the season into four


There will be prize money of R1.5-million for the team on top of the log at the end of each of the 'Quarters', in addition to the R10-million prize for the overall winner.

"I have said time and time again that you cannot dry today's washing with yesterday's sun," Khoza says.

"What was good enough yesterday might not be enough tomorrow. ... Ours has become a world of instant gratification where 'now' is the only time."

"There is no doubt that the Premiership has become a competitive league that is guaranteed to go to a photo finish season after season. In fact in the last five years the Premiership was decided in the final matches played simultaneously under circumstances where duplicate trophies and helicopters were held on 'stand by'.

"There is heightened excitement and conversation from the last eight fixtures of the league. This conversation transcends club support. It is about the permutations and probabilities.

"The PSL Executive has therefore decided to add an innovation to the Premiership that will create and sustain the excitement and conversation experienced in the final eight fixtures of the premiership, to last for all of each team's 30 fixtures of the season.

"To achieve this, the Premiership League will from this season, from today, be divided into four Quarters, Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. Q1 will have eight fixtures; Q2 seven; Q3 eight and Q4 seven. This means after every team has played eight games Q1 is over and Q2 starts with the re-set.

"Similarly after every team has played an additional seven games Q2 will be complete and Q3 will commence with the re-set. So will Q4 commence after every team has played eight games in Q3 and the re-set."

"There will be a prize of R1.5-million for the teams that finish the different quarters at the top. This is over and above the R10-million prize for the overall Premiership League winner.

"The prize money for the winner of the Premiership and the four Quarters is R16-million."

"The greatest benefit from this innovation is how it makes every game count – every single one of the 240 Premiership games. It migrates the conversation from 'just my club's games' to 'every game played'."