Plea to promote Fair Play


FIFA is holding the 12th World Fair Play Day over the week of 20 to 28 September 2008. These dates have been chosen to link this year’s events to another special celebration: the United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21), an invitation to all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities around the world.

The football family therefore wishes to commemorate the International Day of Peace this wonderful game and – most notably – its annual Fair Play celebration. This initiative has the personal support of Fifa President, Sepp Blatter.

“Fair Play is essential to our sport and to everyone involved in it,” declared Khoza. “We need to cherish and nurture the values of sporting spirit and work tirelessly to keep up the momentum. We are appealing to all football fans in South Africa to help us celebrate the Fifa Fair Play Day and the International Day of Peace successfully.”

Fifa President Blatter recognises the role of Fair Play in sport and the need to apply it to all sporting activities, including children’s activities.

“Children need strong values to grow up with, and football, being a team sport, makes them realise how essential discipline, respect, team spirit and fair play are for the game and for life.

“Fifa’s Fair Play campaign involves much more than simply promoting Fair Play on the pitch during a competition. FIFA is committed to encouraging Fair Play in society too, beginning with our future – with children,” said Blatter.

“The most common way of commemorating the International Day of Peace is by observing a moment of silence or holding a special ceremony,” the Fifa President added.

“Fifa would like to encourage its member associations to do this by gathering around a football pitch, highlighting the values of Fair Play, and the reminding the football family of the meaning of peace and the need for commitment to its realisation.”