Parreira - put Bafana first


The Brazilian gaffer spoke with a feeling of disappointment as he again faces another preparation that is going to be disturbed by the League's decision to have a full mid-week fixture programme next Wednesday.

"I am never going to understand this," says Parreira with irritation laced in his speech.

"There seems to be no co-operation from the League that appears to see no value in making the national team important. The League appears to be more important than the national team. This is not alright because we are at a time when we are building towards hosting the World Cup, but facing all these kind of obstacles.

"People say that they will help us but the good sense which is common sense is not prevailing at all. It is a difficult situation for us really because I think we have to be getting all the support.

"Our job in the national team should not be made difficult by things that I believe should never disturb the national team," says Parreira.

Irking Parreira is that his local based players will only be joining camp just two days before the game against US at Ellis Park after playing for their respective clubs in the Absa Premier League.

Ten out of the 22 players called up to the Bafana squad will be action in mid-week and will then have to travel to join the camp.

"It is difficult to have players playing for their clubs on Wednesday and then having to travel the next day to join camp. When they join on Thursday they will merely be recovering from the previous day and all the traveling meaning they will only be with us on Friday just for one session. It is difficult to assess much just a day before a match," he says.

But away from the troubles that the coach is faced with Parrerira believes that after the next three games that his team will play he will be firmly decided on the squad that he will travel with for the Afcon in January.

"After the next three games including the game against Lesotho we will consider ourselves ready to select the squad for the Nations Cup in January. I am glad that we have finally had the chance to mix players from the Under-23 team and the ones we have now.

"And already since I took over we have also managed to look at 77 players from the matches and training camps that we have held. It is important that we get to see more faces especially those not so well known to us and that is why we have excluded players like Siyabonga Nomvete who is well known to us and has played many games in the national team," Parreira said.