Faty released over heart condition


A heart condition, which also derailed the 28-year-old Burundian midfielder's progress at Bidvest Wits two years ago, has restricted Faty to only three appearances for the National First Division side this season.

Kings brought Faty out of the football wilderness when they handed him a two-year deal in July 2018, but unfortunately the 28-year-old is back on the sidelines on doctor's orders.

He is considering having a heart operation in a bid to save his career.

"At the moment Papy Faty has stopped as per the doctor's advice," Majola tells KickOff.com.

"We had a meeting with him towards the end of December, obviously to see the way forward. But what I can conclude is that he is no longer a part of the players per the advice of the doctor."

Ask if Faty would be welcomed back in the team should he be cleared to play again by doctors, Majola says: "That depends in the future if he has been able to do the operation that is required. If it becomes successful and it is declared that he can play and so on, obviously we will never shut the door in the future if he is eligible to play. But for now our relationship with him is not there in terms of player/club relationship. I cannot say he is part of the team because the only reason why he was part of the team is because he was the player and now he is not eligible to be a player."

Faty was initially helping the club's strikers at training as he awaited medical advice on his future, but this is no longer the case.

"Well, initially once we were waiting for a doctor's report he was doing that before we got the report from the doctor. So he was doing that to keep fit and to help because as a striker yes, he was helping strikers with ideas and so on. But that was then and like I'm saying, the contractual relationship between us and him was only of a player and club. So that relationship ayisekho [is no longer there]. Look, we haven't finished with the terms, but we've agreed in principle because it's something that is beyond both parties.

"Err ... the situation is beyond us, so yes it's just a matter of finalising a few things. But in principle we both have agreed on terminating. So he is not expected to be at the gym. He is not expected to be around the team. If he wants to come and see how the boys are doing as his boys, his family, it's not a problem. But as far as the relationship of a player and the club is concerned, that relationship has been obviously terminated."