Ouseb relying on special soles


The 33-year-old discloses that he will be using a set of special custom made soles for his boots.

“These special designed soles are mostly used by long distance runners. They neutralise the impact on the knees when you are active on a hard surface for long period.

“What happens is that they remove the normal inner layer in the boots and replace it with this modified sole that is made of a softened clayish material. In my case, this set has been specially made for me since I am bow-legged.

Ouseb says because of his situation, pressure tends to come to the inside of his knee, but when he uses the special sole the pressure is minimal because it is spread.

“After my first operation in Norway, I was given a pair of the special soles and they worked very well, to the extent that I could play without any discomfort.

“Hopefully, they will be here shortly and then I know that I will be safe to play again,” says Ouseb.

The classy defender has spent 20 months without playing but he maintains that a number of positives have come out of his long road to recovery.

“I am feeling good although I am not completely healed as yet. This is a sensitive injury that has really tested my patience. It has been a hell at training as I have been trying to get the knee to become accustomed to taking impact again.

“At my age I have learnt to be patient and take it at a slow pace because I don’t want to make a comeback and then be gone again.

“I am a player who usually goes with what my body tells me and at this juncture it is only safe for me to say January will be the time when I make my return to full training. Being at the gym is proving helpful in strengthening the muscles but playing on the field will present a different challenge.”

The 1998/99 Kick-Off Footballer of the Year is without a contract at Moroka Swallows – the club that he last played for - but he has remained close to the team as he has a verbal agreement that if he recovers, he will be offered a deal.