Tabarez slams FIFA over Suarez


The Liverpool striker was handed a four-month ban from all football after being found guilty of biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini on Tuesday.

Tabarez, who quit in position on FIFA’s strategy committee in protest, believes his player has been made a scapegoat.

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“As a coach I think of the theory of the scapegoat,” he said in a lengthy statement. “Of giving a punishment as an example, so that everyone gets the message of what is good and bad, correct and not.

“We agree with the basis of it, but there is a danger in proceeding this way. Many times you forget the scapegoat is a person who has rights.

“Before and after the Suarez episode we have seen incidents measured with a completely different barometer.  That does not mean I am not justifying anything, I believe he should be punished.

“I can’t deny that we were waiting for disciplinary action, but the decision was of an excessive severity. This was a transgression, not a crime.

“It was a decision which is obviously much more focused on the opinions of the media that attacked him immediately at the conclusion of the match and in the press conference afterwards.

“The journalists took only that topic for the press conference. I don’t know what their nationality was but they all spoke English.

“When I speak of media attacks, the topic they concentrated on was the background and history of Luis because of things that happened in the past.” 

Uruguay will face Colombia tonight in a last 16 match without their talisman striker.