Ntuka has beaten drink demons

Ntuka did very well during the off-season but then faded as the League progressed. His fall from grace was put down to his drinking problem.   Now he tells KickOff.com that he is back on track and will go all out at training in an effort to reclaim his position in the team and bounce back in the famous black and gold outfit.   “I have continued to work hard at training and I am also putting in some extra training on my own. Everything is going according to plan and I am sure I will soon bounce back,” he says.   Ntuka has to fight for a place in the defence against the likes of captain Jimmy Tau, Thomas Sweswe, Dominic Isaacs, Thabang Rooi, Lawrence Molekwane and Valery Nahayo.   “I know it will be very hard for me to get back into the line-up because the other players have been doing very well.   “But I am putting more effort into focusing on my return to action and I am confident that I will be back soon,” adds former Chelsea defender.