Onazi calls for sanctions on Matuidi


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Onazi said that he is shocked that despite the protests from observers including Argentine legend Diego Maradona, the French midfielder is yet to be sanctioned for the hard tackle on him that tore his left leg tendon, by world soccer governing body Fifa.

Speaking in Brasilia after undergoing surgery on the injured left leg, Onazi said what Fifa has done is not to respect the rules that they themselves have set.

"The French side will announce to the world before a game that we are very physical so that they can come and commit murder and get away with it, yet Fifa will fold their arms and do nothing," Onazi said.

"I am totally in tune with Maradona, who believes that the tackle on me was worst that what Luis Suarez did to Italian Chellini."

The energetic midfielder therefore called on Fifa to go back to review the incident and mete out necessary sanctions to serve as a deterrent to others.

"I want to please beg that Fifa should go back and watch the tape of the game and apply necessary sanctions for the good of the game, otherwise it’s Nigeria today, it could be another big country tomorrow. Justice must be done," he added.


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