New adidas ball for Ghana


According to the manufacturers, the wawa aba combines tradition and innovation and stands out due to its exceptionally strong African colouring.

The ball also features the colours of the Ghanaian flag and complements the design with historical and cultural elements of Africa.

The ball is made of 14 panels produced with the revolutionary thermo bonding technology. Its flight features perfect characteristics which enable the player to optimally control the ball and to shoot with incredible precision.

For the Akan culture originating from Western Africa the name wawa aba (the seed of the wawa tree, one of the strongest and most processible woods of Africa) has a mystical significance.

It is a symbol of persistence and people who hold to the folklore believe in the strength and team spirit of a community.

adidas have also already indicated that they are looking forward to presenting revolutionary ball innovations for the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.