Musasa dumped by Black Aces


Musasa finished the season with eight league and three cup goals as Aces made history in reaching the final of the Nedbank Cup.

“Aces have told me that they are not renewing my contract because they say I want a lot of money. But I genuinely think I am being sacrificed for reasons that involve politics at the club because on the field of play I did the job last season. I am surprised with their decision, but I will not hold grudges against anyone as I take this as a footballing lesson.

“I am leaving Witbank and will go back to Maritzburg where I will look for another team to play for. You need to be mentally strong to survive in this game,” says Musasa.

With Aces choosing not to renew his contract, the former Kaizer Chiefs striker says he will take positive lessons from his first-ever stint in the First Division.

“This is a strong league and I never expected it to be this tough. In the First Division they kick you to pieces and mark you out of the game for the entire 90 minutes.

“After a match, your body is sore because of all the things the defenders have done to you, whereas in the PSL they give you space,” says Musasa.

The 26-year-old has been in South Africa since 2002 when he arrived from his homeland to play for Chiefs before heading off to Maritzburg United.