More claims against Ndlovu


The South Africa Football Players Union national organiser Cappy Matutoane told today that five more WPU players had come forward with claims against the former owner of Benoni Premier United.

_quote “We have already won a court judgment against Ndlovu on behalf of about 11 Western Province players for a sum of R520 000. We have an agreement with the PSL that the club’s next three grants of R150 000 will come to us.

“However, this amount is insufficient as five more WPU players are claiming unpaid salaries. If Ndlovu doesn’t pay the full amount we will proceed to attach and sell his club to the highest bidder. He is not going to get away with it.

“Unlike the FC AK issue, we are not trying to save them from relegation so that the players get their money,” Matutoane adds.

“I don’t understand why he [Ndlovu] was allowed to become involved in football again,” says the Union official with reference to the League’s rule that an owner selling one club cannot buy another for a certain period of time.

According to published reports Ndlovu received more than R55-million from the Thanda Consortium when the Swedes bought the Benoni Premier United Premiership franchise.

The former Rabbits’ owner then spent some R6-million in buying WPU’s First Division status.

The Dispute and Resolution Chamber ruled that Western Province United FC must pay all eleven players within the period of thirty days and if it fails to pay, the Chief Executive Officer of the PSL must pay this amount in full to the player from the monthly grant given to the club by the PSL and all the players are also declared free agents.

The second hearing against Ndlovu and the five new claimants is set for tomorrow.

Some of the WPU players who won their case include Meko Siyolo, Serge Wadji, Gouiffe Junior, Tobelani Cangi, Mzwandile Ntlantna, Sipho Shabalala, Roland Konan, Darren Frittelli and goalkeeper Noel Yobou.