Mkhalele wants to coach permanently


Mkhalele, whose playing contract with Jomo Cosmos expired at the end of June, believes he will be more suited to a different environment than at Ezenkosi if he roles into full-time coaching.

“At present I am uncertain about if I will be going back to Cosmos. But I feel I would be better suited to being in a different environment if I go full time into coaching. I am very much grateful for the things I have learnt at Cosmos, but maybe I should go elsewhere and share my knowledge in a different way.

“I haven’t discussed anything with Cosmos as yet because I am still on a break. But whatever happens will be determined by what I want - which is to coach - more than anything else,” says Mkhalele.

The veteran midfielder says he hasn’t returned to Cosmos - where he served in a dual role as player-assistant coach - for pre-season training as his thoughts continue to swing towards coaching.

“The experience that I have gained as a player is not sufficient, so I need to uplift myself by also doing coaching courses. But it would be more relevant for me to do those courses while I am in a coaching job,” he says.

“I have more to offer as a coach than if I continue as a player. My body might still be in shape, but inside I can feel that I cannot match the standards of professional football anymore. Even if I play, I can never be the same player that I was at my peak. So if am honest with myself, I have to start building my future by moving on to another level which is coaching.

“And in coaching I have to build myself up just like I did as a player which means taking different challenges in different places,” says the ‘Midnight Express’ who did not play a single game last season due to injuries and watched from the sidelines as Cosmos went down to the First Division.

Due to turn 39 in October, Mkhalele spent eight and a half years in Turkey after having done duty for Cosmos and Orlando Pirates.