Mbele looking at trials in Durban


Mbele had intended to join Mafube United from Juveniles but the deal suffered a blow when Juveniles declined to give him his clearance.

“Juveniles refused to give me my clearance saying I should return to Bethlehem because they wanted me for an ambitious project that they are embarking on next season.

_quote “But I had already written a letter to Safa asking them to try and help me get my clearance.

"I know that my former teammates at Juveniles want me back, but it is impossible for me to go back there because the club failed to deliver on what we had verbally agreed on and I had no contract with them.

“I may go for trials in Durban because I still want to play in the professional ranks again,” says the 32-year-old who is now back home in Heilbron.