Balotelli the cage fighter?


The Italy international has seen his fair share of controversies as well as yellow and red cards in the past few seasons due to his fiery temperament, and he has confessed that he is a fan of mixed martial arts.

"If I wasn't a footballer, I probably would've wanted to be a UFC fighter. I really love it," the flamboyant attacker stated at an Umbro event.

The 21-year-old then went on to explain why he has worn the No 45 jersey at City and Inter.

"My first game in Serie A, it was under [Roberto] Mancini, I also had No 45, because the younger players had numbers between 35 and 60. I got No 45 and scored two goals, so it became my lucky number."

Balotelli recently returned from his break after starring for Italy at Euro 2012 where he netted three goals, helping his country to the final of the tournament.