Maleka given all-clear


Following the aerial collision last Wednesday in the drawn league match, the pint-sized striker was rushed to Arwyp Hospital in Kempton Park where he was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit section for two days before being discharged at the weekend.

Now back home in Limpopo after being given a six-week rest period away from any physical activity, Maleka talks to Kick Off in is a voice filled with fear.

“It was a serious injury because I had a concussion and had to be admitted to the hospital. I was in ICU from Wednesday night and was only moved to the wards on Friday night after which I was then discharged at the weekend.

“I have been told to rest for six weeks and that is why I am back at home now. It is only yesterday that I began to talk again and put a smile as I was feeling pain all the while,” says Maleka.

“I am really lucky because the doctors told me that if I had fainted it could have been worse. I have a skull fracture and bruised my left eye since I had internal bleeding around that area. I was vomiting blood at the hospital and felt extremely dizzy when I was admitted.

“The doctors told me that I am lucky to be alive because the brain was not affected and it is only a fracture. The club has also been supportive and they have told me that they will try and arrange for a special doctor when I go back to Durban,” he says.

Maleka says he feels consoled by the fact that Gould has taken the effort to call him.

“Morgan called me yesterday to check on how I doing after getting word that I had been admitted into hospital. He spoke from his heart and at least I am comforted in that he has shown concern for what happened. I accept that it is all part of football,” he adds.

Chances are that the 29-year-old could probably get to play again just before the Christmas break or probably early in the New Year.