Suarez: ‘I bit, but I’m no racist’


The Uruguayan international, who will make his official debut for Barcelona today in El Clasico, endured a troubled spell at Liverpool, during which he was twice banned for biting and also for making racist comments towards then Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

Suarez says he is seeing someone to help with the biting problem, but says there was no proof of racism.

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"It is like an impulse, like a reaction,” he told Guardian Weekend magazine of the biting. "I believe I am on the right path now, dealing with the people who can help me, the right kind of people."

"Everyone has different ways of defending themselves. In my case, the pressure and tension came out in that way.

"There are other players who react by breaking someone's leg, or smashing someone's nose across their face. What happened with [Georgio] Chiellini is seen as worse. I understand why biting is seen so badly." 

But Suarez is quick to add: "I know I was wrong with the biting but I was accused of racism without any proof.”