League to act on ‘bribery’ complaint


According to a statement released by the League’s prosecutor Zola Majavu, Aces initially lodged the complaint with the South African Police Services’ Commercial Crimes Unit, and then subsequently with the League, against club boss Aziz Kara and FC AK alleging that Kara had met their current goalkeeper [Michael] Babale (who is also a former FC AK player) on December 17, 2007, and offered him a bribe to ‘throw’ the match in favour of FC AK.

It was also alleged in that complaint that Kara had promised Babale an amount of R 20 000 for his co-operation.

Aces alleged further that the first payment of R 10 000 was duly deposited into Babale’s bank account and that the balance was to be paid after the match.

It was alleged further by Aces that the balance was not paid because Babale reported the matter to the Aces’ management.

Pursuant to these allegations, followed up by a complaint in terms of the rules of the League, the matter came before the League’s Disciplinary Committee on January 18 and again on February 5, primarily for the DC to hear arguments from both parties in order to determine whether or not there was substance to the complaint, or simply put, whether or not the complaint was frivolous. It is important to note that this procedure was merely a preliminary inquiry and thus the actual merits of the case were not canvassed.

Today, the DC, after having reserved judgment on February 5, unanimously ruled that indeed there was substance in the complaint lodged by Aces and recommended further that the League should institute disciplinary proceedings for misconduct against FC AK pursuant to the complaint.

The matter is now in the hands of the League’s prosecuting authority.