Krol plans ‘to build for the future’


Speaking during a media briefing at Johannesburg Stadium on Wednesday, Kroll promised no miracles in turning Pirates into the best team in the country in a short period of time, but said he would prefer to start building a team for the future that would be able to dominate local football for a long period of time.

“Rome was not built in one day, but it took some time to make those beautiful buildings. It will not take one season to build Pirates, but it will take time and patience to build a great team for the future.

“I am not concerned about quick results but building a team that will maintain being champions for a long period of time. The team must be able to sustain its top position and keep on improving all the time.

“I am looking at youngsters to build a great future for Orlando Pirates,” Krol added

The Dutch coach has also expressed his happiness about the response he has received from players since joining Bucs at the beginning of this month.

“I had only three days to look at the players before the Phakisa Cup tournament and I was happy with what I saw and with the teams that played during the day.

“So far I am happy with the way they have been responding at training. It is not a matter of teaching them to be good, but for themselves to prove how good they want to be.”

Meanwhile, Bucs’ new signing Lebohang Mothibantwa tells that he is looking forward to the Vodacom Challenge.

“For me to put on the Pirates jersey is an honour, but to play against Manchester United is a great achievement. I have always heard stories about the Derby between Chiefs and Pirates, but now I am excited that I too will be able to enjoy that feeling.”