King Kenny defends Moyes


Dalglish said in an exclusive interview on talkSPORT: “David Moyes has had a bad start there in terms of fixtures. To get Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool in their first five Premier League games was a big ask.

“The results are always going to be scrutinised if you’re a Manchester United manager, whether you’ve been in the job for 10 minutes or 10 years. If you’re losing games the press are going to be critical of you.

“They’re being critical of Moyes at the moment because they’ve not had the greatest of starts in the Premier League but then their performance against Bayer Leverkusen has almost been dismissed when they beat them 4-2 in the Champions League. That’s what he’s up against.

“I think you’ll always be criticised as Manchester Untied manager if you’re losing games. Anyone who was following Sir Alex Ferguson was going to have it difficult.

“I think also what was a big thing, which doesn’t get much publicity, was David Gill moving on and Ed Woodward coming in. That has had an impact on Manchester United as well.

“Maybe they should have asked David Gill to stay on during the transfer window to give his advice and his knowledge to both Woodward and Moyes. I think it would have been helpful to both of them.

“Moyes will be OK. There is no problem there. It’s not as if he’s being threatened with the sack. There is disappointment about their results but their standards have been set so high anybody would have disappointed.”

And when asked if he would give Moyes any advice, he joked: “I wouldn’t be giving him any advice. I’ve not got a job and he has.”