Serie A confirm Costa punishment


Costa spat at Federico Di Francesco in the closing stages of Sunday's league match after a running feud in which the Brazilian had also elbowed and head-butted his opponent.

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The Italian league's commission confirmed the four-match ban in its weekly disciplinary report on Tuesday.

In which the report stated Costa's ban was "for unsporting behaviour on the field; for having spat in the face of an opponent, an infringement picked up by VAR in the 48th minute of the second half while play was halted."

In the wake of the incident which manager Massimo Allegri strongly condemned, the Brazil international insinuated that he was provoked by the Sassuolo player via his official Twitter account in response to disgruntled supporters.

But Di Francesco has vehemently rejected any notion he was to blame for the incident.

"I am profoundly upset by the allegations and the inventions which have appeared on various national media outlets," he said as quoted by ESPN.

"All of this is offensive and denigratory. I will not allow racist behaviour and/or phrases that do not pertain to my values and ethics."

Costa will be eligible to return to Serie A action when Juve host Genoa on Oct. 20.