Allegri defends Italian football


The 47-year-old tactician, who recently took over at the Bianconeri after former manager Antonio Conte was elected as Italy national coach, says the media are too negative in their coverage of Italian football, choosing not to reflect the positive aspects of the beautiful game in the country.

"In Italy, they always show you the less good things,” Allegri said.

Everybody says: 'Italian football is rubbish', but nobody does anything about the good stuff.

"Everyone says: 'Italian referees are the worst'. Then we have them officiating the World Cup final. Italian teams concede questionable penalties abroad and stay calm.

"What does harm to Italian football is that everyone talks about incidents and not the game.”

Allegri’s comments come after Juventus’ last League encounter against title rivals Roma, where many questioned the referee’s decisions after their 3-2 victory.

Yet the Old Lady’s coach feels such incidents were only brought to the media’s attention because of the high-profile nature of the game, yet are ignored elsewhere.

“The game itself was good, intense, great to watch,” Allegri said.

"You have to appreciate the play more and evaluate it, otherwise everything becomes an excuse.

"The decisions of [referee Gianluca] Rocchi came into focus because it was Juve-Roma. Nobody cares about that in a game of a lower level.

Allegri added that he feels the entire country, apart from the Juventus fans, are against his club.

"In Italy, there are 50 million fans: 12 million support Juventus, the rest are of AC Milan, Inter, Roma and so on,” he said. “But they are all against Juventus. I see that now."

Juventus have won all six of their League matches so far, and travel to bottom-placed Sassuolo in their next Serie A encounter on Saturday.