Kluivert backs Justin's United rejection

Kluivert believes Justin joined the 'ideal' club in Roma as the European giants demanding environment may have crippled his rapid development.

The 19-year-old winger was linked with the likes of United and Barca but ultimately left Ajax for Roma over the summer.

And Patrick, a former Serie A striker himself, is confident the teenager has what it takes to 'get to where I did'.

"I'm very satisfied with what he's doing," the Cameroon assistant coach told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"He speaks little, but he's someone who knows how to listen and is motivated. I wanted him to stay at Ajax for another year, but he made his choice.

"I believe Roma are a good solution, plus the jump to the Premier League would have been tiring for him."

The teenager made his official league debut last weekend and made an immediate impact, providing Eden Dzeko with a last-minute assist against Torino which got tongues wagging across Europe.

And Kluivert senior feels under the tutelage of Eusebio Di Francesco, he will continue the meteoric rise that saw him make his senior Netherlands debut last season.

"Di Francesco? His results speak for themselves. He seems like a well-prepared Coach to me, who is good at developing players.

"That's what Justin needs. He works hard, but he's also someone who loves to learn. He must travel miles to get to where I did, but he’s shown talent, plus he has the character and time to have a great career.

"However, he has to keep his feet on the ground. I think United would’ve been too big a jump.

"Roma are an important club, but he’ll face less pressure there. Roma aren’t obliged to win, they’re a club used to playing good football.

"For Justin, it’s the ideal place right now. After that, who doesn’t dream of Barcelona? Having said that, Italian football is catching up and Justin can take advantage of it."