Mourinho blasts ‘special’ Vertonghen


The Belgian defender was involved in an incident which saw Fernando Torres sent off, just a few days after getting away with a blatant penalty in the League Cup against Aston Villa where he pulled down Nicklas Helenius’ pants.

Mourinho feels that Vertonghen is getting away with influencing referees.

“He pretends that it’s a red card [with the Torres incident]. Oh, the guy is very intelligent. In some countries people say ‘oh this player is really amazing’. Not in England – that’s not what I learned in this country,” the Portuguese coach said after the match.

“Of course it’s the referee makes the wrong decision, but the referee trusts the player. And when you see a player with his hands in his face and pretending that it was a violent action, I think the referee, the normal tendency is to follow and to make the decision.

“This player is a fantastic player, but he’s a special guy because three days ago he left the Aston Villa striker naked and it was not a penalty, it was not a red card? Vertonghen shouldn’t have played this game. He should be suspended with a red card against Aston Villa.

“You go to YouTube, it’s the top of the ridiculous situations in football, it’s ridiculous, the boy was naked! And today he changed the game. I’m not happy.”