Sono reveals Cosmos running costs


Sono says it costs him about R600 000 every month to run the club, which includes salaries for players and staff,transport to games, renting the home ground they play, and accommodation for players when they are playing away from home.

The grant of R500 000 from the Premier Soccer League comes in handy, according to Sono.

“It’s plus-minus R600k. So you can add it to see how much we spend [the whole season],” Sono tells

“The grant is okay. We can’t complain about it. It’s not money you work for, so it helps a lot with the salaries because without a grant we would not be able to pay salaries. You would not pay anything actually, because to a run a [home] game I have to pay security. I have to rent the ground. It’s a lot of money. By the time the game is finished you have to go to the camp, you have to get [food for] players to eat. We spend about R25 000 a game. People don’t know that. It’s a bit expensive, but the grant helps a lot. We really appreciate it.”

Cosmos, meanwhile, still believe they can qualify for the play-offs at the end of the season, despite being in 12th place on the First Division standings. They’d need a good run of form in the remaining 12 matches to achieve this.