'Warner wanted $7mil from Egypt'


Warner – the ex-Concacaf president who pocketed the $10-million the South African Government paid for the African Diaspora Legacy Programme – has recently promised to expose rampant bribery within FIFA after being arrested as part of the US investigation into FIFA corruption.

Now Egypt's former minister of youth and sports Aley Eddine Helal says Warner offered the country the chance to buy votes in 2004, but they declined.

"Warner was the one who approached us from FIFA. He said he could guarantee us seven votes," Helal told AFP.

"He asked for one $1-million for each vote," Helal claimed.

Egyptian FA president at the time, Youssef el-Dahshori, added: "We didn't pay any bribes. That was one of the reasons why we didn't get any votes."

Warner allegedly double-crossed Morocco, from whom he reportedly accepted a bribe of $1-million, as South Africa won the Bid with 14 votes to Morocco's 10. Egypt received no votes.

The British press has also reported that Morocco actually won the 2010 Bid but the results were falsified, citing secret video recordings of then-FIFA executive committee member Ismail Bhamjee allegedly talking to an undercover reporter.