Indomitable Lions coach sued for fraud


Cameroonian Fernand Taninche, who is suing Pfister, claims that he mediated in the appointment of the German technician in October 2007 for a ‘commission’, but that Pfister failed to respect his commitments.

Taninche claims that Pfister owes him the equivalent of R620 000.

“After various negotiations both with his son and legal representative, Mike Pfister, and himself, they pledged to pay me 20 percent of all his gains in Cameroon as commissions at the end of his contract,” he wrote in his complaint.

Taninche declared that he ‘endeavoured’ to convince the authorities of the Sports Ministry on the advantage of Pfister becoming the coach of Cameroon.

It should be recalled that Pfister’s appointment came as a surprise to Cameroon Football Federations officials.

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Augustine Edjoa, signed a decree naming Otto Pfister, as the new Lions coach to the dismay of the federation executive members who had a short list of pre-selected candidates that included Artur Jorge, Frenchman, Phillipe Troussier, Jean Thissen and Manfred Steves.

Against all expectations, Edjoa chose Otto Pfister, who was ranked 11th out of the 80 candidates that applied for the job.