Mkhalele speaks against age-cheating


Mkhalele was speaking on the sidelines of an Under-15 provincial schools tournament held in Rustenburg this past weekend. Motsaalore School, one of the four participating teams, was disqualified over allegations of age-cheating.

“If a teacher is bringing kids who cheat then what are you telling those children? You cannot expect our football to grow when this happens because this can chase away sponsors. However, the organisers of the tournament did well to disqualify the team,” he tells

South Africa has made huge strides in stamping out age-cheating, with teams in the PSL scrutinising their youth programmes.

Commenting on the standard of football displayed during the tournament, Mkhalele called upon football authorities to be more aggressive in their coaching programmes, especially in the North West province.

“The coaches have the passion and love for the game but no matter how much commitment they have, they will not teach our kids properly without the proper skills,” he says. “I think this is a problem in the North West province compared to the other provinces that I have travelled to.

“We need to intensify our training programmes by focusing more on empowering coaches in this area. The potential is there but the coaches need more exposure.”