Vialli: Italy have the advantage


Vialli, who amassed 59 caps for Azzurri in his time, says the Italians have the advantage as they experienced the conditions in Brazil when they participated in the Confederations Cup in 2013.

"We feel we've learnt a lot from being in Brazil last year, so we feel we've got a slight advantage," Vialli told BBC Radio 5.

"We know the problems with the logistics, the organisation but, more importantly, all the problems related to the climate, especially when it comes to fitness.

"For England, Brazil is an unknown territory. It's a guessing game," he said.

 Vialli, who played in England with Chelsea and Watford, also points out that the pressures and expectations from the home support as well as the media could play a huge part over the performance of a largely inexperienced England squad.

“As an outsider, I look and I read and I know English fans and the media, for about four years, have been a bit depressed about the national team and have very little expectations.

"But then the World Cup arrives and all of a sudden you start talking about semi-finals, the final and how this is the strongest team you've had in the World Cup for years. It's quite funny.

"The Italian players know how to handle this. English players only feel the pressure when they play for the national team. When they play in the Premier League, it's fun, it's great - there's not as much pressure,” said the 49-year-old.