Geremi takes positives from loss


Cameroon were beaten 4-2 by the Egyptians in their opening game of the tournament but bounced back to reach the final and Geremi says it is something that will give the team some heart.

“Like any player, I don’t like to lose, especially in the final.

_quote “But the positive thing is that we lost in the final, because many people did not even give us a chance to reach there after we lost our first game. But we got to the final and we fought until we lost and that is a positive for us.”

Skipper Rigobert Song allowed himself to be hustled and caught in possession in the lead up to the goal, but Geremi says there would be no blame placed on the keeper.

“We are all disappointed and in football when someone makes a mistake, you can’t blame him because mistakes happen in the game."

What the Newcastle star rues though, was the chance of a third Nations Cup title.

“It is even more difficult for me, Rigobert and Eto’o because it would have been our third Nations Cup victory.”