Full-Time: Korea Republic 2-4 Algeria


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Game over. Algeria emphatically beat Korea, despite the Asians making a strong comeback in the 2nd half

92' Algeria looking to hang on for two more minutes as Korea have a good shout for a penalty denied after a challenge on Son.

90' Korea Republic are showing strength in the air as they rain down long balls and crosses, but are unable to narrow the deficiet.

87' CHANCE! JI's shot is narrowly wide.

86  Free kick in a dangerous position but Korea are only able to strike the ball into the wall.

82' CHANCE! KH Lee tries to volley from inside the box, but his shot is high and wide.

79' Free kick Korea Son whips one into the box only for Ghilas to head the ball out for a corner as Korea Republic look for annother goal. 

71' GOAL! Koo taps in a cross as Korean Republic pull one back. 

68’ Algeria seem to have settled a bit since scoring their 4th goal. They are the only African team to score four goals in a World Cup game.

61' GOAL! Brahimi finishes off a lovely one two as they restore their three goal advantage

59' Chance! Ki's powerful shot from distance is kept out by the Algerian keeper as Korea dominate the 2nd half. 

57' Sub as SW Kim comes on for CY Park.

55' Korea take their corner short before whipping a dangerous cross into the box. Rais flies out of his box to fist away the ball. 

54' Lee earns the first yellow of the evening

51' Korea Republic looking dangerous as a dangerous move inside the Algerian box ends in the offside being raised to the relief of the Algerians.

49' GOAL SON controls a long pass into the box and slots it past the Algerian keeper

47' Dangerous free kick position for Korea Republic. But a disapointing delivery is easily cleared by the Algerian defence.

45' Korea unable to get once chance on target in the first half.

42' Korea can only head away a free kick for a corner as Algeria pile more pressure on Korean Republic.

36' GOAL! Dejabu puts annother one past Yung!

28 GOAL! Halliche rises high and heads home a corner before Yung's flying fist can clear the danger.

26' GOAL! Sliamni puts a perfectly timed throughball by Medjani passed Yung as Algeria take the lead.

20' CHANCE! Mandi delivers a quality cross to Slimani's outstretched foot, but his unable to control the ball and fire off a shot

19' Dejabu shoots wide from outside the box as both teams look for the opening goal of thois game

15’ A lot of the game now being played in the centre of the field as both teams fight to establish control on possession.

13’ Korea Republic’s first corner of the game is punched away by the Algerian keeper.

11’ Korea starting to come into the come Lee is brought down and earns a free kick for the Asians. The free kick is crossed in, but headed out of the box by the Algerian defence.

8’ CHANCE An unmarked Slimani heads wide from another Algerian corner

6’ Foul on Dejabo. Algeria whip in the resulting free kick into the Korean box. Comes of a Korean as they concede a corner, which the Koreans are able to clear out of the box.

3' Algerian player brought down inside the box, Korea lucky not to concede a penalty. Algeria have started the strongest of the two teams.

2' CHANCE Bentaleb shoots high from inside the box as Algeria surge forward early on.

1’ Korea Republic wearing red, while Algeria are in white. A loss by Algeria will mean that they cannot progress from Group H.


The starting line ups have been announced.

Korea Republic: S R Jung, S Y Yun, Y G Kim, H M Son, C Y Park, Y Lee, J C Koo (c), K Y Han, S Y Ki, C Y Lee, J H Hong

Algeria: Mbolhi, Bouguerra (c), Halliche, Mesbah, Feghouli, Brahimi, Medjani, Slimani, Bentaleb, Djabou, Mandi