Flamingoes round off group stage against Colombia today


In their group (Group A), the situation is every bit as exciting as the Flamingoes and Canada are level on four points, with Colombia hot on their heels with three.

Hosts Azerbaijan are yet to pick up a point and sit at the foot of the table, unable to reach the next round. On paper at least, Canada appears to have the easier route to the last eight as they play the hosts. This means that Nigeria and Colombia will have to fight for their tournament survival.

The team had their official feel of the stadium ahead today's cracker, which is the routine in Fifa organised competition. 

The highest goal scorer so far in the competition, Chinwe Ihezuo, has however promised to continue scoring and take the team to the quarter-finals.

She said: "I am really excited to be the highest goal scorer for now and will continue to score in every match because I want to win the golden boot of this tournament."

In the same vein, Aminat Yakubu, who has the record of the youngest goal scorer at the tournament, is equally optimistic that she will nail some goals against Colombia if given the opportunity.

"If I am given the opportunity to play against Colombia, I promise that I will score goals to help my team qualify for the next round," Yakubu says.

Officials for the match are referee Samuels Cardelia (Jamaica), assisted by Aguilar Elizabeth (SLV), Liverpool Nykasie (Guyana), and fourth official Radzik Johan Karolina (POL). The Match Commissioner is Herrera Sabdra (ASA).

The match will be played at Bayil Stadium, Baku, and kicks off at 8pm Azerbaijani time, 4pm Nigerian time.