FC AK ruling leaves unanswered questions


PSL attorney Zola Majavu tells KickOff.com that the presence of the South African Football Players Union’s (Safpu) legal team at the weekend’s Safa appeal hearing may have helped FC AK from being relegated to the amateur ranks.

“On Sunday they [Sapfu] brought a formal application into the process,” Majavu says.

“It is a victory for the Union that the club has not been relegated to the Vodacom Second Division. They were of the view that the franchise of FC AK would be greatly diminished because they have a current court order against the club of an amount of over R3-million. (This is in respect of unpaid salaries from the 2006\07 season that the Union successfully claimed from the club after DC action)

“Therefore, they were basically contending that the prospects of recovering that money owed to the players would be greatly compromised if indeed the club were relegated.

“So the deduction of 15 points leaves FC AK just above relegated Ga-Rankuwa United, and I can’t think of any other season why the judges came to their decision. However, the League’s official view is that we always abide by the decisions of our judicial bodies,” Majavu concludes.

What is puzzling is, firstly, would the Union have been able to halt FC AK from being relegated through legal proceedings had the club finished bottom of the log?

Secondly, if FC AK lose the arbitration, their debt increases by a further R500 000 plus, if one takes into consideration the fine and the costs involved.

This leaves them with a debt of almost R4-million to settle and wages for the current crop of players; hardly a healthy financial situation from which to collect outstanding monies.

Finally, how was it arrived at that 15 points (just enough to save FC AK from relegation) were deducted?

The case apparently only centres around one match, so why not just the three points from that fixture which would have meant that FC AK still finished the season top of their log?

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