Fans warn coach over colours


Express’ main kit colours are red and white.

Coach Muguwa confirmed to that he had received a warning from fans.

_quote “It is true; some fans approached me while I was on the bench after our match against Iganga last week and told me about the problem of colours,” Muguwa said.

“But I told them off; saying that it was inconsequential and that if they want me to put on red then they should buy me the clothes.”

Villa, Express and KCC command the biggest following in Ugandan football and between them they have won more than 30 League titles but their rivalry goes deep.

KCC have yellow as their main colour.

Of late the three clubs have been having administrative problems. Express sacked their coach after only five matches following a string of poor results, while 10 days ago Villa fans stormed the pitch after their team’s goal was ruled out for offside.

Villa was trailing 2-1 to Victors. Fufa Competitions Committee awarded the match to Victors but Villa has decided to appeal to the decision.