Maradona: Argentina seem short of ideas


Despite reaching the quarter-finals Argentina have often struggled in Brazil.

Lionel Messi has been the person that has come to their rescue a few times, and Maradona feels they will need to up their game if they are to progress past Belgium today.

"It seems to me that Argentina today has no idea," he told the Daily Mirror. "In the first-half against Switzerland [in the round of 16] the team did not have one chance.

"My team were a lot more offensive than this one. It looks bleak for us if I'm honest.

"I wish the team played differently, that it exploited all the ability its players have.

"We haven't seen the best from them neither tactically nor individually and this worries me," he added.

Maradona was not impressed with Gonzalo Higuain and Fernando Gago in the win against Switzerland.

"Watching the match against Switzerland, I was alarmed that Higuain didn't have enough forward movement, that he moved inside the central midfielders," he added.

"I was worried about Gago's tiredness, that [Javier] Mascherano had to cover all the ground.

"This was a stuttering Argentina. It needs to change its rhythm."


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