Da Gama meets with Celtic this week


Da Gama surprised the soccer fraternity on Friday when he resigned from the Buccaneers after just eight months of a three-year deal.

Phunya Sele Sele chief executive Ike Augousti would not say if Da Gama was their man.

“It is no secret that we are looking at different coaches, and it is possible that Owen is one of them,” he said yesterday.

The club would meet Da Gama for “nothing but an interview” next week, he added.

Team manager Khumbulani Konco was also not sure when they would name the coach, but was certain it would be before the inaugural one-day Premier’s Cup tournament in East London later this month.

Celtic come up against Supersport United, Platinum Stars and Bay United in the event at Absa Stadium.

It was clear that after sacking Khabo Zondo following poor results, club boss Jimmy Augousti was going to find it hard dividing his time between running the club and the team.

Da Gama, having taken Silver Stars (now Platinum Stars) to the Premier League, is the early frontrunner to take the reins of one of the PSL’s fastest growing brands.