Larsen proud of Arrows' effort


Larsen believes his side gave a good account of themselves against a formidable outfit as Sundowns.

"I think the players gave a good account of themselves," Larsen told SuperSport TV.

"I think to go pound for pound with a club like Sundowns the way my boys did I'm proud of my boys' efforts."

Larsen went on to explain his substitutions in the second half when he introduced Nduduzo Sibiya and Thomas Chideu shortly after the break.

"Lamola wasn't 100% fit, he felt something in the warm-up. But he's strong. The young [Velemseni] Ndwandwe gave us a lot in the first half but ran out of steam in the second half we brought him out. Finally we put in big [Thomas] Chideu at the top he hustled and bustled their centre-halves, we kept them at the back for long periods in the second half but it wasn't to be."