Mulenga to submit fresh ‘evidence’ to FIFA


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In October last year the former Zambia star told that he is owed five months’ salary by the Jomo Sono-owned club, and as a result he took the matter to FIFA.

The 31-year-old has since sent this website what he claims is an employment letter with the club's letterhead, dated 26 July 2017.

Part of the letter reads: 'Mulenga is employed by Jomo Cosmos FC as a footballer. He has signed a 2 year contract with the club which expires in 2019. His monthly salary is R33 000. 00 Net.'

Mulenga says: "Remember how Jomo claimed on radio that I lied and forged my contract being a two-year deal right?

"Take a look at this emailed letter. I never submitted this piece of evidence [to FIFA] because I didn't know I had it. So, I'm thinking we are going to send new evidence to them to support my claim. I wonder how Jomo will deny this evidence."

Cosmos chairman Sono couldn't be reached for comment despite numerous attempts.