Carara relegated, Dynamos back in NFD

Following a complaint by Dynamos, Kicks were found guilty of fielding an improperly registered player, Thembile Taliwe.

In announcing its verdict, the PSL DC ruled that Taliwe had been improperly registered by Kicks as he was registered without a clearance from his previous club, Emfuleni Real Barcelona.

The PSL DC ordered as follows:

  • The points and goals gained by Carara Kicks in the fixtures they won or drew, wherein Taliwe was fielded, be expunged;
  • The registration of Taliwe is nullified;
  • Carara Kicks be allowed to register Taliwe outside the registration window period, provided it complied with all requirements for registration;
  • Carara Kicks is fined R250 000 which is wholly suspended for a period of 12 months on condition that they are not found guilty of a similar offence during the period of suspension;
  • Carara Kicks to pay costs of the DC sitting within 90 days;
  • The conduct of the Carara Kicks club official who facilitated the registration be investigated. has learnt that Carara Kicks, who finished 10th last season with 38 points, have now been relegated as they will apparently be docked 18 points from matches wherein Taliwe was fielded and Carara got points.

In an attempt to verify the number of points Carara is set to lose, we contacted the PSL's Advocate Ntsietso Mofokeng who delivered the judgement but she referred us to Jonathan Schloss in the football department.

Schloss, though, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment as he is in a meeting.

Dynamos, who finished in 15th place last season with 32 points and therefore relegated, are now back in the NFD following Carara's fate.

About three weeks ago, Bay United were found guilty of fielding an unregistered player following a complaint by Dynamos but got away with a fine of R300 000, with "R200 000 of which suspended for a period of 12 months on condition that Bay are not found guilty of a similar offence during the period of suspension".

The PSL DC found that Bay United didn’t deliberately breach the National Soccer League rules and therefore, there was no need to dock them points.

"In deciding on the sanction, the majority of the panel found that although Bay United had been found guilty of a serious offence, it found that there had been no deliberate breach of the National Soccer League (NSL) Rules, therefore expunging points in the matches that the player played would not be an appropriate sanction."