Botswana ‘need fresh legs’


According to reports in Mmegi Online there is still a great chance of Botswana being counted among the eight best runners-up, however the word in Botswana is that the Zebras need fresh blood to succeed in international competitions because certain players are past their sell-by date and cannot deliver to the required standard.

Three top soccer officials said after the Zebras’ 4-0 loss to Ivory Coast in the qualifiers for 2010 World Cup/African Nations Cup, that the current squad needs to be changed because certain players are tired after being in the squad for too long.

Botswana Football Association (BFA) technical director Losika Keatlholetswe pointed out that there has been delay in introducing fresh legs in the team especially from the Under-23 side.

He said the West Africans beat Zebras because of a better tactical approach.

“The space between goalkeeper Modiri Marumo and the defence was badly exposed,” he said.

Despite the humiliation, Keatlholetswe believes that if the Zebras win their remaining games, there are high chances of qualifying for the final round of the qualifiers. BFA chief executive officer, Tosh Kgotlele admitted that though the team might have been affected by the weather, the defence was not stable and this led to the humiliation.

“I really think that we need some fresh legs in the team especially the defence. We need pace at the back to cope with the modern game. We also need the services of Mogogi Gabonamong.”

Former BMC coach Clever Hunda said that the current Zebras’ team is picked on history and not current form.

“Some of the guys are tired and I think (coach) Stan (Tshosane) should be bold enough and drop them,” he added.