Radebe thanks South Africans for support


Radebe was voted as one of the Premier League’s 100 greatest players ever by British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, being placed in 78th on the list.

“I have people congratulating me and I should be saying thanks to them for the support I got from them,” he said during the Absa Premiership Rekaofela fan bus tour.

“Someone said on Twitter that they can’t believe I was voted 78th because I was supposed to be in the Top 50, to which I replied, ‘Thank you’. As a South African, that was an example of what you can achieve if you are hungry and if you have good intentions."

Radebe, who enjoyed an 11-year spell with Leeds United in England, says his stint overseas wasn’t about money but more about doing what he loved most and representing his country.

“To be voted in the top one hundred in the Premiership is an honour because for me it was about South Africa and representing the country,” the 45-year-old said. “I wanted to do well not only for money but for the sport, and doing want I love most.

“One needs to be an example and enjoy what you are doing, then everything else will look after itself. To have such an accolade gives me goosebumps when I talk about it,” he concluded.