'Bad decisions by club' cost Agiomamitis


With Aces stuck in mid-table of the First Division Inland Stream despite having a huge financial muscle Agiomamitis was given the boot just after the festive season.

Speaking to KickOff.com through an interpreter, the 50 year-old poured his heart out while revealing that he is weighing up his options locally and will definitely be staying in the country.

_quote “I never failed at Aces,” he declares. “The thing is that there were bad decisions made at the club at other levels during my time. I will not say what exactly these are but the people at the club know what it is that I am talking about because I made them aware of their mistakes,” the former Bloemfontein Celtic coach adds.

Sources close to club say Agiomamitis’ biggest downfall was that he failed to communicate with the players because his English is still not up to scratch.

“At the beginning of the season everyone saw how good we played. We played quality football in all the matches but there was an element of inconsistency down the line.

“I have been given a few options locally that I will explore before making a decision, but I am definitely staying in South Africa for the meantime,” says the mentor has coached in Cyprus and Greece and also been an assistant coach to the Romanian national team during his career.