Amokachi twins try out at Everton

"They have been trying out with the Everton Under-13s for the past five weeks," Amokachi informed   "Everything is going really well for the boys and we are all confident they will be considered good enough by Everton.   "One of them is a very gifted attacking midfielder, while the other has taken after me, he is all power and heart. But it is their decision to pursue a football career, and if they are considered good enough, I have no objection to their choice."   The twins will not be short of inspiration after the warm reception their father received when he accompanied them to Liverpool.   "They could not believe that many years after I left the club, the fans still have not forgotten about me," he smiled.   The 36-year-old Amokachi, earned the nickname 'Amo-taxi' after playing two seasons at the Toffees, where he played 43 matches and scored ten goals, winning the English FA Cup in 1995.