Academy refutes Comitis claims


Comitis released a media statement on Friday in which he alleged the OMFA had charged Supersport for “training and development” of 14 year olds Siyambonga Mfinyongo and Akhona Siyabana, who had joined Matsatsantsa after trials in Cape Town.

But Dr Barry Busch, Director of the Old Mutual Football Academy, says in a statement that these players were never passed-off as theirs, but rather that they allowed Supersport to hold trials at their facilities, and the players had arrived for the trials of their own accord.

The statement reads in full:

“In response to numerous statements in the media, Old Mutual Football Academy would like to make the following information available for the sake of clarity.

“Old Mutual Football Academy was approached by SuperSport Football Club to avail their facilities for trials to be conducted by SuperSport FC for junior players in Cape Town in October 2007.

“These trials were held at the Old Mutual Football Academy grounds and run by the SuperSport staff as SuperSport FC trials. Over 100 players attended this event including players from the Old Mutual Football Academy. The Old Mutual Football Academy players were identified to SuperSport and at no stage were Siyambonga Mfinyongo or Akhona Siyabana among the players identified as Old Mutual Football Academy players.

“Subsequent trials were held by SuperSport in Johannesburg from which a number of players from Cape Town were selected by SuperSport FC for inclusion in their youth development programme. Old Mutual Football Academy released two of its own registered players to SuperSport.

“Furthermore the Old Mutual Football Academy has not received any compensation from SuperSport FC as alleged by John Comitis for players on contract to Ajax or even it’s own players registered with the Old Mutual Football Academy. Jose Ferreira from SuperSport FC has confirmed this; he also confirmed that the alleged players referred to by Comitis had no ties to the Old Mutual Football Academy.

“The matter of contracts, development fees and any other monies owing to Ajax Cape Town FC for Mfinyongo and Siyabana is of no concern to the Old Mutual Football Academy, and is a matter to be resolved between Ajax Cape Town FC and SuperSport United FC.

“Old Mutual Football Academy prides itself on running a professional and top class Academy aimed at promoting football development and the upliftment of youth in the community in which it operates.

“Lastly, at no stage were any players not registered with the Old Mutual Football Academy passed off as being players in contract to the Old Mutual Football Academy, SuperSport United FC were categorically informed from the outset of the trials which players were in contract to the Old Mutual Football Academy.”